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Release Date September 24, 2016
Developer Epic Systems Corporation
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Genre Medical
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Version 9.4.5


MyChart Review: Take Care of Your Family from the Screen of a Smartphone!

Few things are as important as keeping tabs on your health or the wellbeing of your close ones. This is where MyChart, a completely digital medical data manager, will come in handy.

What is MyChart, exactly? A smartphone app that tracks medical records, prescribed medications, immunization history, doctor appointments, and so much more from the comfort of your smartphone’s screen. 

About MyChart

My Chart is the application that has been approved by multiple healthcare organizations. This is why most of the features of My Chart online are dependent on the organization you or your close ones are attending. In simpler words, MyChart app tracks your doctor’s notes in addition to your own. 

MyChart mobile app requires you to create an account within the hospital or organization you are attending. This process, however, is much less intimidating than it sounds. Simply download MyChart and search for the appropriate institution within the app, such as Trihealth MyChart, Presbyterian MyChart, or MyChart Johns Hopkins. It’s really as simple as that. 

Lastly, you want your personal records to stay safe. That’s why MyChart login supports two-factor verification and fingerprint authentication. 

MyChart App Features

As we’ve mentioned above, MyChart functionality is dependent on the records your doctor, hospital, or healthcare institution is keeping. That being said, the app’s core features include the following:

  • Access to communication channels: You can speak directly to your doctor, nurse, or care team directly from the app. 
  • Result reviews: You can see your test results, vaccinations, and other related data. 
  • Third-party healthcare app integrations: You can connect other apps such as Google Fit to have a centralized hub for all healthcare-related data. 
  • Visit summaries: This is the data collected after your appointment with a doctor. 
  • Bills: The app can visualize and help analyze your medical bills, which is an excellent feature to have for those of us on a tight budget.
  • Notifications: You will receive push notifications regarding any changes in history, new doctor’s orders, and additional useful information on the fly. 
  • Sharing: You will be able to share your medical records safely if, for example, you chose to attend a different doctor or nurse. This way, the medical workers you trust will have first-hand access to your medical records and history. 


Is MyChart online login secure?

Yes, it is protected by password and fingerprint authentication. 

How can I download MyChart?

You can launch MyChart app download from the Google or Apple app stores, or you can download the app from the website. 

Do I need to have an account within a healthcare organization?

Yes, you do, as My Chart app pulls the records from it. 


MyChart is one of the best health apps ever made. It like all-in-one service to control your health!


  • Not works with any clinic & doctor


  • Easy to use Interface Lots of health information





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